Set up membership tiers

HEADLINE using Unlock Protocol to create the token gate experience for everyone, you can publish your content as free of charge or set up a membership as paywall.

How to set up membership

Step 1: Once your publication is created, head over to Publish / Memebership, and click "Create"
Step 2: This will open a modal with 2 required fields, you can continue by click the "dashboard" on the modal header, and it will land you to Unlock dashboard
Step 3: Create your membership, set up your terms right in Unlock's dashboard, and navigate back to HEADLINE by entering the "Chain" and "Lock address" and hit Submit
Step 4: HEADLINE will verify if the address and information is properly entered and auto populate the membership info in the app.
Step 5: Once you decide which content should be using the membership, make sure you have the "Paid subscriber" checked in the Content / publish setting.
Now, the paywall is set and ready for subscribers to subscribe your content!